Dreams of Erotic Delight

God is voluptuous and delicious.         - Meister Eckhart

We've all had them. Some are better than others. But we all wish we had more. The erotic dream. The dream where sexual pleasure and enjoyment are danced out onto your subconscious stage in full spotlight for all your fears, fascinations, repressions, shame and embarrassment to see.             

Sometimes we're with partners we've never had. Sometimes with partners we wish we'd never had. Sometimes we're the wrong lover. Sometimes we're with the wrong lover whom we wish were the right one. And sometimes, it's just totally anonymous. We don't know who the heck they are, why they heck they're behaving this way or how they knew our password and got into our subconscious.  

Leave it to dreams to conjure up a mountain range of dichotomies: How can anything this bad feel this good? Why is it so difficult to enjoy what looks so easy? How can I feel so loose and so uptight at the same time? I've always believed in Make Love Not War, so why do I make war on making love?            

In the midst of this swirling vortex of emotions, it's important for us to remember that apparently, sex is the way God planned for life to begin. Humans didn't invent it. Sex, therefore, is a holy act. And, it may well be that sexual delight is a way of honoring our creator. Even in our dreams.



Howard is doing a lot of missing these days: missing his daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby who live in Atlanta... missing his sister and bro-in-law as they vacation in Italy... missing his buddy, Earl Hefley, who lives in Oklahoma... and missing his Ladylovewho now lives in Tennessee. But even with all the missing, Howard is gloriously happy with his work at Jubilee!, his housemates at Hanger Hall and his good times with friends, whiskey and a swimming pool.


Of all that God has shown me, I can speak just the smallest word, not more than a honeybee takes on his foot from an overspilling jar.       - Mechtild of Magdeburg

In dreams, of course, anything can happen. The terms, "weird dream" or "bizarre dream" are usually redundant. In any given dream, you can visit with dead loved ones or live in your house which looks nothing like your house or discover a whole new room in your present house. You can be taking an exam for which you never attended classes, get utterly lost in a hotel you've never visited or make passionate love with someone you've never met. Anything is possible.                

Some philosophers and some ancient cultures have suggested that this entire universe is a dream in God's head. If you think you can have weird dreams, imagine what the Divine brain could come up with. And if that has even a smidgen of truth to it - that we are each and all images in the mind of The Source Of All That IS - it would mean that anything - absolutely anything - is possible.                

Astonishment comes in all shapes and sizes. You can be astonished at a sunset or astonished that the 4-week-old milk in the fridge is still good.   You can be astonished that you passed a test for which you felt unprepared or astonished that someone you love, loves you right back.             

But maybe if we paid a bit more attention, we might see that every speck, spickle and sparkle of this crazy life is astonishing. The fact that you can hear a bird or feel the wind or taste an orange. The fact that you are right now breathing and alive. You might not be. You might not have ever been. But you are. Astonishing! 


Howard lives in a lovely old 1890's mansion with 13 other wacky folks.  It's a living cooperative and Howard has lived this way most of his adult life.  He can't imagine living any other way. And now, the Spring Sprucing-Up Bug has taken over his brain and body. New flowers, new garden veggies, new deck, new hot tub and deep cleaning fill every day. And in this time of deep changes, he is loving his life. 

Seeing Rather Than Looking

The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw-----and I knew I saw-----all things in God and God in all things.

- Mechtild of Magdeburg

"Hey there, Princess," said Amanda Jane to the teen-aged cashier in the grocery checkout lane. The girl was wearing a frown that could depress the Dalai Lama.            

"Hi," she mumbled.          

"Ever had an artichoke?" asked Amanda Jane. "They're really nothing more than a way to get garlic butter into your mouth. But, ooooh, they're good."                 

"Never one had one," said the girl as her frown dissolved into a quizzical stare at this strange and friendly woman.                

"Well, you oughta try it. They're great to share with a friend or even a boyfriend."             

"My boyfriend and I just broke up," replied the girl, her frown coming back in for a landing.            

"Oh dear," said Amanda Jane. "Well, too bad for him missing out on such a sweet face as you have."                  

"You really think so?" asked the girl, her eyes beginning to puddle.               

"Absolutely," said Amanda Jane. "You have the face of princess and every princess deserves a good artichoke. With lots of garlic butter."                

"Thanks," said the girl with the bud of smile about to blossom.                 

Amanda Jane picked up her bag of groceries and beamed at the young cashier. "You are a princess, darlin'. Don't you ever forget it. And, always eat your artichokes."             

As Amanda Jane left the store, the next customer stepped up to the register and was greeted with a big toothy brace-filled teen-aged grin.  


Howard and a bunch of rowdies gathered recently for a May-Day-Pan-Fertility-Hoop-De-Doo celebration with Jonathan Scales Steel Drum Band. They danced the night away in the front yard of  Hanger Hall with the festooned statue of Pan looking on and offering blessings.



The heart is not made pure by prayer, but rather prayer is made pure by the pure heart.

 - Meister Eckhart

You can breathe pure oxygen or munch on pure chocolate. You can seek pure refreshment and bask in pure pleasure. You can study pure science, rely on pure reason or even wear a ring of pure gold and sip some pure alcohol while riding your purebred horse.   So many ways to enjoy purity; so little time.                 

But purity has had its downside when it comes to religion. The Puritans, for example, tried to purify Anglican religion and ended up taking away life's fun and amusement - particularly amusement with sex. Likewise, folks who consider themselves absolutely "pure" are usually not the life of the party.                  

But purity is really about nothing more than simplicity. It's about being free of extraneous and superfluous distractions. It's what we seek when we take a hot bath or walk in the woods or meditate. It's why people go to therapy or church or yoga or prayer groups. It's what many religious practices are about. We may call it "focus" or "centering." We may call it "slowing down and lightening up." But what we're seeking might well be described as purity. Being purely ourselves. Being purely at peace with ourselves.               

Purity can seem illusory or unattainable. We all know how polluted and adulterated life can be. But, it might not be a bad idea to keep the dream of purity alive. Dreams can come true, you know.


Howard and his LadyLove just came back from a few kick-back days in The Florida Keys. Islands and island mentality still feed the boy's soul.  When Zac Brown & Jimmy Buffet sing, "Mind on a permanent vacation. The ocean is my only medication. Wishing my condition ain't ever gonna go away," they are singing Howard's song.  At this life-giving change of seasons, Howard lifts a cup to all.


While you have the light, believe in the light so you may become children of light.  - Jesus

(To the tune of "Let's Do It; Let's Fall in Love") 

Glowworms do it. Fireflies do it. Even anglerfish and arachnids do it. 

Let's do it. Let's learn to glow. 

Some fungi do it, some squids do it. Even ocean water can do it. 

Let's do it. Let's learn to glow.

It's called bioluminescence when a living organism can produce light. It's a chemical reaction that produces illumination which the critter may use to attract food, repel enemies or make whoopee. Food, safety and sex are what this bioluminescence is all about.                

Haloes or aureole are often pictured around saints or holy people. Sometimes called crowns of light, nimbus or gloriole, these circles of light are seen in artistic representations of gods or people who buddy up with the gods. Jesus and all his disciples buddies are almost always pictured with a circle of light around their heads. Likewise, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammed and a bunch of the Greek and Roman gods all got a glow on. Sometimes it's just around the noggin. Sometimes it's the whole body.               

Some folks think that when we die, we see a light and should go to it. Some folks picture God as so bright that you can't even look at him.   Tom Robbins writes, "We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain." Human art would tell us that is precisely what happens when we connect with the divine.

Howard has gotten himself involved with some brand new projects involving videos, breweries and retirement centers.  Go figure!  In the meantime, he is running down to the Keys next week to meet his LadyLove as she returns from South America.  Jubilee! has gotten a new head of steam and is charging out in all directions.  Howard is doing a lot of grinning these days.