Dreams of Erotic Delight

God is voluptuous and delicious.         - Meister Eckhart

We've all had them. Some are better than others. But we all wish we had more. The erotic dream. The dream where sexual pleasure and enjoyment are danced out onto your subconscious stage in full spotlight for all your fears, fascinations, repressions, shame and embarrassment to see.             

Sometimes we're with partners we've never had. Sometimes with partners we wish we'd never had. Sometimes we're the wrong lover. Sometimes we're with the wrong lover whom we wish were the right one. And sometimes, it's just totally anonymous. We don't know who the heck they are, why they heck they're behaving this way or how they knew our password and got into our subconscious.  

Leave it to dreams to conjure up a mountain range of dichotomies: How can anything this bad feel this good? Why is it so difficult to enjoy what looks so easy? How can I feel so loose and so uptight at the same time? I've always believed in Make Love Not War, so why do I make war on making love?            

In the midst of this swirling vortex of emotions, it's important for us to remember that apparently, sex is the way God planned for life to begin. Humans didn't invent it. Sex, therefore, is a holy act. And, it may well be that sexual delight is a way of honoring our creator. Even in our dreams.



Howard is doing a lot of missing these days: missing his daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby who live in Atlanta... missing his sister and bro-in-law as they vacation in Italy... missing his buddy, Earl Hefley, who lives in Oklahoma... and missing his Ladylovewho now lives in Tennessee. But even with all the missing, Howard is gloriously happy with his work at Jubilee!, his housemates at Hanger Hall and his good times with friends, whiskey and a swimming pool.