While you have the light, believe in the light so you may become children of light.  - Jesus

(To the tune of "Let's Do It; Let's Fall in Love") 

Glowworms do it. Fireflies do it. Even anglerfish and arachnids do it. 

Let's do it. Let's learn to glow. 

Some fungi do it, some squids do it. Even ocean water can do it. 

Let's do it. Let's learn to glow.

It's called bioluminescence when a living organism can produce light. It's a chemical reaction that produces illumination which the critter may use to attract food, repel enemies or make whoopee. Food, safety and sex are what this bioluminescence is all about.                

Haloes or aureole are often pictured around saints or holy people. Sometimes called crowns of light, nimbus or gloriole, these circles of light are seen in artistic representations of gods or people who buddy up with the gods. Jesus and all his disciples buddies are almost always pictured with a circle of light around their heads. Likewise, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammed and a bunch of the Greek and Roman gods all got a glow on. Sometimes it's just around the noggin. Sometimes it's the whole body.               

Some folks think that when we die, we see a light and should go to it. Some folks picture God as so bright that you can't even look at him.   Tom Robbins writes, "We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain." Human art would tell us that is precisely what happens when we connect with the divine.

Howard has gotten himself involved with some brand new projects involving videos, breweries and retirement centers.  Go figure!  In the meantime, he is running down to the Keys next week to meet his LadyLove as she returns from South America.  Jubilee! has gotten a new head of steam and is charging out in all directions.  Howard is doing a lot of grinning these days.