Of all that God has shown me, I can speak just the smallest word, not more than a honeybee takes on his foot from an overspilling jar.       - Mechtild of Magdeburg

In dreams, of course, anything can happen. The terms, "weird dream" or "bizarre dream" are usually redundant. In any given dream, you can visit with dead loved ones or live in your house which looks nothing like your house or discover a whole new room in your present house. You can be taking an exam for which you never attended classes, get utterly lost in a hotel you've never visited or make passionate love with someone you've never met. Anything is possible.                

Some philosophers and some ancient cultures have suggested that this entire universe is a dream in God's head. If you think you can have weird dreams, imagine what the Divine brain could come up with. And if that has even a smidgen of truth to it - that we are each and all images in the mind of The Source Of All That IS - it would mean that anything - absolutely anything - is possible.                

Astonishment comes in all shapes and sizes. You can be astonished at a sunset or astonished that the 4-week-old milk in the fridge is still good.   You can be astonished that you passed a test for which you felt unprepared or astonished that someone you love, loves you right back.             

But maybe if we paid a bit more attention, we might see that every speck, spickle and sparkle of this crazy life is astonishing. The fact that you can hear a bird or feel the wind or taste an orange. The fact that you are right now breathing and alive. You might not be. You might not have ever been. But you are. Astonishing! 


Howard lives in a lovely old 1890's mansion with 13 other wacky folks.  It's a living cooperative and Howard has lived this way most of his adult life.  He can't imagine living any other way. And now, the Spring Sprucing-Up Bug has taken over his brain and body. New flowers, new garden veggies, new deck, new hot tub and deep cleaning fill every day. And in this time of deep changes, he is loving his life.