Impossible Dreams

Always follow your dreams. Unless in your dream you're dancing naked in a bowling alley.

You don't have to be the Man of La Mancha to dream the impossible dream or fight the unbeatable foe. We do it all the time. We do it in our waking dreams and in our snoozers.  

Night after night, our subconscious leads us through the portal marked "Now For Something Completely Different." And different it almost always is. Our loved ones often look younger or with different hair, voice and eyes. Our actions are things we would or could never do in consciousness land. We find ourselves in situations and locations that are beyond the craziest possibility but obviously not beyond our wildest dreams.

And in our waking dreams, we often focus on the seemingly impossible. We visualize world peace. Or an end to hunger. Or solar power replacing oil. Or getting a date this weekend. Or Congress actually doing something. But the apparent impossibility of it all doesn't stop us from dreaming.

It may well be that our waking and sleeping dreams of the impossible are ways to remind us that we live in an impossible world. A world that somehow impossibly dances and twirls at just the right distance from a star - with just enough water available - with just the perfect tilt - with precisely the perfect air and atmosphere to enable life to happen. All manifestations of impossibility which enable you and me to be alive. We are each and products of impossibility. Impossible? Yes. And true. 

Howard is in full-on spring eagerness delight.  Picnics, hikes and spotting gorgeous blossoms are his M.O. these days. And then, there's wedding season which launches about now and sails through early November.  Between now and then Howard officiates 1-4 weddings each weekend.  Howard says, "Everybody's dressed up, in a good mood.  So you celebrate love and then have a party!  I love my job!"