That Old Love Stuff

It is not a matter of thinking a great deal, but of loving a great deal.  So do what most arouses you to love.

 - St. Teresa of Avila

"I think," said Amanda Jane, "that the reason there are so many songs about love is that everyone knows love is important but no one really understands it. You don't have to understand something to sing about it."                  

Amanda Jane had been sitting in her favorite sunset viewing spot with several of her best buddies. They had uncorked a spunky red and were toasting the golden finish of the day.                

"I agree," said one of the setting sun celebrants. "God knows I have never understood love. It can feel so good and feel so bad. It can take you to the heights and drop you in the depths.   There has been many a time when I vowed never to love again."                  

"Been there," said another, "but I seem to always get drawn back in. Like an insatiable hunger that keeps you coming back for more. Sorta feels like we're made to love no matter - with all its pleasure and pain."             

They sat silently sipping as the planet, turning ever-so-gently, bowed to the departing light and ushered in the enveloping dark. Memories synapsed like lightning in each of their minds. Memories of loved ones - alive and dead. Memories of love - found and lost as the darkness wrapped its gentle arms around them all.             

"I do know this," said Amanda Jane as she upended her glass to get the last drop. "When I truly experience love, I feel like I could save the world. Maybe that's what love's all about. And maybe that's why we sing about it." 

Howard celebrated one fine Father's Day this week in Atlanta with his two dazzling daughters, his sterling son-in-law and his uber-cute and oh-so-silly granddaughter.  There were mucho giggles and laughter all around and since Howard has long contended that silliness is next to godliness, he was pretty sure that all were dancing with the Divine.