Forgiveness is the treasure you need to craft your falcon wings. -  Hafiz

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today," goes the T-shirt wisdom. But for most of us - at least most of us with a spoonful of memory left in our gumbo - forgetting about yesterday comes as easily as giving ourselves a root canal. And that's especially true for the sore spots yesterday left on our emotional rump.

We effortlessly forget about yesterday's good times -the excellent meal, the sunny day, the joke on Facebook. Good times, for some reason, don't Velcro themselves to our brains like bad times do. But let your boss at work chew you out or your car start making expensive noises or your current hottie tell you that you're not a s much fun as she thought you'd be, and your brain pulls out the super-glue and goes to work.

Buddhists say that the cause of suffering is holding on. But Buddhists also say that letting go is not that easy. In fact, some Buddhists go into monasteries and spend their lives trying to perfect the craft of letting go. But, if you don't have the time to spend the rest of your life in a monastery and if you don't look that good with a shaved head, what are you going to?

Forgiveness is a good start. Forgiving others. Forgiving others who don't forgive you. Forgiving yourself for having a hard time forgiving others who don't forgive you.