Be not afraid!  - Angels

Lighting bonfires on the night of the Winter Solstice is a great activity for friends. And it gives you something to sit around while you drink your brew and share your beef jerky. But, from what little we know of our ancient past... particularly our Celtic ancient past... lighting fires on the night of the Winter Solstice was more than an excuse to buzz and belch. Lighting fires on the Solstice and on nights preceding and following the Solstice was once considered a spiritual necessity to keep the sun from disappearing entirely.            

No doubt, grog or some kind of fermented fluid was consumed during these ceremonies. A big chunk of the Celtic population were ancestors of the Irish, after all.   But, as far as we can tell, fire lighting was a way of reminding the Sun God or Whatever Powers That Be, to get The Big Eye on its way back into the high heavens so that life could and more grog be brewed for next year. 

And when the sun did start it ascent, once again, in the Celtic skies, we can only assume that there was great rejoicing; or, at the very least, a calm and relaxing gladness that filled the hearts of all those who knew that their lives depended on it.           

Assurance is such a miracle because it comes in so many ways. Assurance not only happens when the sun comes back, but when the moon comes up. When the tides go out or the hope comes in. The miracle of assurance appears in a dream or a memory or a kiss. In a song or a taste or a silence. Of the reality and multiplicity of this miracle, however, you can rest assured.


Howard is thrilled to announce his newest book, "The Main Thing." It has been a two-year project and is the story of The JUBILEE! Community.  Co-authored with others who are key to the Community, including Matthew Fox and even a forward by Tom Robbins (one of Howard's all-time favorite authors), the 228 page volume takes you through the origins and operation of this amazing 26 year-old celebrating community.  "The Main Thing" is available online and in selected independent bookstores.