God breaks the wings of one intention and then gives you another.   - Rumi

"I got fired," she said. "I got dumped from my freaking job. They said it was a money thing. Said they had to downsize. But of all the other employees, I was the only one picked for the downsizing. They simply didn't want me or want what I offered." She breathed deeply, drew finger circles on the table next to her coffee. "I've never been dumped before. Never. And I thought I was doing a good job. Thought I was living up to their expectations. I have felt so rejected. So unwanted. I felt like a cast-off - something that was tossed away because it was weighing them down and now they think they can fly better."                

The waiter came by. "More coffee?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. She paused. Breathed. "But I don't want more coffee in this cup. I want a fresh cup. With fresh, hot coffee. Can you do that?"                 

"Of course," he said, lifting her cup from the table.             

"You know what?" she said. "Maybe that's what a need: a new cup. A new cup for my life. Or even just for this day. With something fresh and hot in it. How's that sound? Maybe it works both ways. Maybe that stupid outfit can fly better without me; and maybe, just maybe I can fly better now as well. "Waiter!" she called, "bring me something hot and sweet with that coffee. I just might be getting ready to fly."   

Howard is feeling full of excitement these days.  New grand-baby... Doctor Daughter Kelsey flying high... and his LadyLove, coming home soon.  One of Howard's favorite T-shirts asks, "What are you grateful for?"  Lately, he says, he has no problems answering that. 

And, if you like these Mental Breathers, Howard has a book of them titled, "Drink Deeply With Delight."  Check it out at his website.