Dreams & Visions

Feet sandaled with dreams tread paths of vision leading to wisdom's sharp peaks.

- Aberjhani

"I'm sick of following my dreams," goes the FaceBook post. "I'm just going to ask them where they're going and hook up with them later."                  

Dreams and visions can be pesky little boogers. Always nagging at you. Always pestering you when you're trying to go to sleep or watching some mindless television hoohah. And the big-big problem with dreams and visions is that they are always an inside job. They don't come from your friends or therapist or minister or internet or Dear Abby.  They come from inside your own stupid head. Unlike an irritating mosquito that you can slap and be done with, dreams and visions bug you from the inside out.              

Which is one reason some folks become workaholics. Or alcoholics. If you throttle your brain with enough activity, distractions or drugs, you can sometimes put those irksome dreams and visions to rest.                  

And, sometimes, they'll up and leave you. Sometimes they'll give up on your nappy ass.  But that's always unfortunate. Sometimes tragic. When your dreams and vision have left the building, it could lose you the ball game.                

So when a dream or vision comes knocking at your soul's door, let 'em in. Entertain them. Give them some attention. Don't have to keep 'em; but if you do, they just night take you where you want to go.

 Maybe it's the autumn air or change of seasons, but Howard lately has been getting excited about the possibility of starting some new Jubilee! rituals.  His friend, Chris Andrews - Jubilee! minister in Baton Rouge - leads in a cabaret style with his congregation sitting at tables eating and drinking.  The idea of a Jubilee! Cabaret in Asheville has triggered Howard's imagination.  In the meantime, he is loving the autumn magic in the mountains.