Think about this great pull in us to connect.

- Hafiz

The connection of a mother to her baby as she nurses. The connection of a musician to his music as he plays his favorite riff.   The connection of a golfer to his game as he swings and watches the ball arc from tee to sky to green. The connection of a foodie to her first bite of steaming shrimp scampi with garlic and capers. The connection of a son to his father as the old man lies dying. The connection of a young teen to her new boyfriend as she opens to her first real kiss.              

There are human connections, links and bonds which take us far beyond rationality or explanation. We make links with animate or inanimate - with visible and invisible - with the sensual and the ascetic - profound connections which hook us up with elements and ingredients of life we might never otherwise experience. And these connections are often so profound and unfathomable as to defy explanation. 

Describe, if you can, for example, the connection between a man and his long-time faithful dog or the connection of potter to her clay as she spins an amorphous blob into a delicate vessel.           

It may well be that these deep mysterious connections point us to a connection with God. On the other hand, they may well be the actual connection.   


Howard is fully in summer mode - sweating, swimming and sweet-corning.  Also, lately, he's been swooning over Tom Robbin's newest book, "Tibetan Peach Pie."  It's a memoir which Tom refuses to call a memoir because he says, "I could make a long list of persons whose belly buttons I'd rather be contemplating than my own."

Tom and Howard are long-time friends and Howard is thrilled to be able now to see behind the scenes of this imaginative life he so admires.