Seeing Stars

...suddenly the heavens were opened to him...

- description of Jesus' baptism 

Have you ever been bonked on the head and seen stars? Blame it on a phosphene. Ever rubbed your tired eyes or sneezed and seen little points of light? More phosphene. Have low blood pressure and frequently see little flashes of light? Phosphene. Or have you ever done a shroom or two and seen all kinds of colors and lights? Phosphene again.                

A phosphene is a normal phenomenon of your optic system. No one really knows how it works, but with a particular kind of stimulation to the area surrounding your eyes, you see what, at least, appears to be light with no outside illumination coming through your eyeballs.                  

Lying out under the stars on a clear night can be similar to a phosphene. That is, nobody really knows how it all works. Nobody. But you can experience it, nonetheless. You can describe what you see when you look between the stars into infinity; but you can never comprehend it. Then again, you can describe what you see when you blow an infinitely epic snot-rocket; but nobody really cares.

Infinity and the way your brain and body work are equally mind-boggling. And perhaps one of the best ways to wake up your soul is to be mind-boggled as often as possible. Trying to get your brain around the mystery of infinity and the mystery of yourself, of course, is like trying to understand love. They're all are equally baffling. Who knows? They just might be related