Broken Promises

God is delighted and amused you once tried to be a saint.

- Hafiz

Marriage is all about love and loyalty. Love and loyalty are what nearly every married couple commits to. The idea is that when love fades, loyalty will hang on till it returns; and vice-versa - when loyalty slips a gear, love holds on till the transmission can realign. That's the idea. Just not the reality. At least, for a lot of folks.                

When love loses its vibrancy and begins to look and taste like unflavored gelatin, loyalty often gags and takes a back seat. Which means promises get pummeled. Vows get voided. Oaths get overlooked. And all of a sudden, someone is sleeping with someone else and someone else gets hurt. Loss of loyalty can trash love; and loss of love can get loyalty to look the other way.                  

A broken promise - in whatever context - can trigger anger, resentment, bitterness and grief. It can cause even the most trusting soul to distrust. Even the most believing believer to disbelieve. And sometimes, all the love in the world can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again. And we look at our shattered promises scattered about, littering life's landscape and ask, "Is that all there is?"                 

The bad news is: We have all had to deal with broken promises. The good news is: We have all had to deal with broken promises. Whether we were the breaker or breakee, we've all been there. Like Sir Dumpty, we've all got cracks and scars. Which makes a good case for compassion. And forgiveness. And love.  No matter what.  Which is finally what it's all about.